My focus is one-hundred per cent swissness

19.08.2015 – Fine dining lovers –

An interview with the young two Michelin starred chef Nenad Mlinarevic at Park Hotel Vitznau, Central Switzerland.

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Nirvana in Vitznau

23.04.2015 – KR Connect Blog

Kevin Roberts, Executive Chairman of Saatchi & Saatchi, one of the world’s leading creative organizations, with a team of 6500 people in 130 offices across 70 countries.

Had the best dinner of 2015 so far last night at Focus, in Vitznau. 45 minutes from Lucerne. Sat in the kitchen at The Chef’s Table and watched a 34 year old Swiss genius, Nenad Mlinarevic, make magic.

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It’s Hard to Focus at Restaurant Focus

18.07.2014 – My Girlfriend Guide

Why? Because how could you not be distracted from the food when the view is THAT killing? Ok, not to mention that you still have your date to focus: on. And it is THE place to go with your date.

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